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Blockchain enables you to be your own bank.
Be your own insurance company, as well.

blockchain technology plus automated contracts
to Conventional Insurance Policies?

1.  more wealth creation & retirement provision

You are secured and protected by the community. And on top of that, you can benefit from the power of Bitcoin and also participate in the surpluses of the community.

See for yourself how much this can be: » online financing calculator und » online pension calculator.

Achieve your goals faster!

2.  cost effiency

No black holes: (Almost) no administration, no staff, no paperwork, no fancy office buildings, no external shareholders. Automated contracts and the blockchain do the work. Our members benefit from savings through digitisation.

3.  transparency

Every proof can be made by the blockchain. Your private data is protected from misuse by encryption and hashing.

4.  just performance

Nobody is preferred, nobody is disadvantaged. There can be no inflated or over-priced tariffs. The software protocol automatically and incorruptibly distributes the right amount.

5.  fast regulation

Unjustified refusals or delays do not occur here. Claims are automatically submitted to the oracle (the "jury") and processed in a timely and accurate manner through a combination of blockchain, sidechain and hashchain.

6.  total coverage

No matter what kind of loss threatens to get you into financial difficulties and what the causes are, you will quickly and safely receive the financial help you need. There are no fancy tariff regulations, but a clear and comprehensive benefit plan.

7.  yields and profits

Unlike commercial insurers, profits do not go to shareholders. The administration is digitised and automated. This means that the profits go to the members.

Before you engage in blockchain based risk mitigation, it is important you understand the fundamental differences between traditional insurance policies and the modern way.

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