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Recommend Bitcoin Life and get juicy commissions!

It is advantageous for our members when the member base grows. But of course we want everything to be clean, clear and serious. Just stick to the principle of truth and clarity, then there will be no problems. This includes that on your websites and other forms of advertising your personal details and contact details are complete and easy to find. Do not use the Bitcoin Life name and logo in a misleading way.

These are the three most important rules. Anyone who breaks them will be excluded from the referral program and lose their remuneration.

    • no false or exaggerated claims or statements
    • NO SPAM, neither by e-mail nor in social media
    • no misleading, in any form or manner

 blogger, website and portal owners

Include our advertising banners or promotional texts on your website.

Talk about the advantages of a Bitcoin Life membership and set your promotion link.


As an influencer, you know what to do, how the professional referral business works, and you also know what to avoid.

Sign up and promote your referral link.

 private recommenders

Do you have friends and acquaintances, are you a member of associations, and people value your opinion and judgement?

Then let the people who trust you know that Bitcoin Life exists. The best way to do this is to talk to them in person, but never by posting in messenger groups or by spamming all your contacts.

If someone follows your recommendation and signs up through your link, you will receive the thank-you-bonus.

 professional brokers and agents

As a licensed broker and if if you are listed in the public broker register, you will receive the full standard remuneration that is customary in the market.

Simply enter your registration number in the registration form.

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