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» Broker Pool? FinTech?


Digitalisation and virtualisation are changing the job profile and the tasks of the insurance broker - fundamentally.

We believe that the electronic administration of non-innovative insurance products and online advice via artificial intelligence alone do not yet make sufficient use of the power of the new technology.

We believe that the product itself should also be digital and virtualised at its core. Then the full potential will be revealed. The most economical administration, the best use of funds, just performance that is automatically allocated and distributed are what customers need and want.

  Which of your target groups benefit?

Bitcoin Life makes it easy and simple not only for technology enthusiasts, but for everyone to benefit from the latest technical achievements.

Your customers get a pension product with strong performance expectations. It is equally suitable for self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and employees.

Customers looking for an interesting investment or reinvestment are also in good hands with Bitcoin Life. Use our » performance estimator.

Brokers and underwriters who specialise in tailor-made company pension plans and individual assets recognise the special opportunities and possibilities of a Bitcoin Life membership.

And also for the standard client who does not want to worry constantly about the correct setting and ongoing readjustment of his contracts, Bitcoin Life is the right choice - depending on preference and financial strength as an additional or exclusive product.

  Special advantages of Bitcoin Life

Offer your customers a comprehensive insurance and pension plan. Except for the standard exclusions, Bitcoin Life offers benefits for all risks in one single plan.

Thanks to lean, automated administration and capital management based on ultra modern technology, your customers can expect best performance in the pension and retirement provision sector.

There is no obligation to contribute and no contribution limits, neither upwards nor downwards. Accession is possible without an old-age and health checkup.

As a broker you receive the customary brokerage fees.

  Being a broker is your advantage

It is easier than some people think to position yourself in this upcoming market now.

Use Bitcoin Life's All-Risk concept to close the last gaps in coverage. Minimize your liability by making your customers aware of Bitcoin Life.

Offer a strong concept to customers who are no longer able to fill their supply gaps with conventional products - due to advanced age or other circumstances.

Use your experience and expertise to stand out from the mass of standard consultants. Explain to your clients, who may still be shy of the new technology, how clear, safe and strong the concept of Bitcoin Life is.

You are a broker pool?

Make business easier for your colleagues and safer for your customers.

Everyone benefits. You will know this when you have rummaged a little on our site.

Call us and let us make you an attractive offer:

☎ +49 6032 9357 860

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