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This is an if-then simulation. It is unlikely that your asumptions will become reality, because inflation and deflation rates won't be constant but will fluctuate.

your annual contribution
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inflation rate
contribution adjustment
growth rate of BTC economy
increasing member acquisition
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contribution adjustment:
The annual growth rate by which you increase your contributions. If in the first year you put in 1000 Dollars, in the second year 1100 Dollars, in the third year 1210 Dollars and so on, your adjustment is 10%. Select an adjustment rate greater than the inflation rate.

growth rate of BTC economy:
If in 2009 two pizzas were paid with bitcoins and in 2010 two thousand pizzas, then the growth rate was 100000 percent.

inflation rate:
If last year ten Dollars bought you a pizza and this year you've got to pay ten fifty, then the inflation is 5%. (Yes, we know things are much more complicated. But let's try to keep it practical.)

increasing member acquisition:
If this year 1000 members join and the next year 1100, then the acquisition growth is 10%, provided each member contributes the same amount.

The extra death benefit varies with the number of deaths. It is lower than the above result.

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