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The Benefit Plan

You will receive benefits in the event of a loss as well as pension provision.

You determine the percentage distribution of your contributions. You can change this setting in the login area at any time for the following calendar quarter.

You decide in what amount, how often and how regularly you make contributions. Those who only make comparatively low contributions in relation to their income - and thus also to their benefit risk - will receive a correspondingly proportionately reduced benefit. This does not apply to the part of the contributions that you have designated for the pension plan.

You can make your contributions in both euros and Bitcoin.

Please note that neither the amount nor the substance of the payment can be guaranteed.

  Event of a Loss

Bitcoin Life supports its members in all hardship - not only after accidents, illness, old age or death.

This means that in (almost) all cases you are protected by the Community.

There is no benefit for minor events and damages. These exclusions also apply:

  • intentionally self-induced events
  • speculative losses and business failures
  • high risk activities
  • participation in illegal activities

The exact definitions and the complete list can be found in the benefit plan.

  Provident Fund

It is your choice:

If you determine 100% of your contribution to the loss fund, you do not build up pension benefits.

You can waive benefits for the case of loss and let the entire contribution flow into the provident fund.

Or you can divide the contribution between the two pots. You determine the percentage distribution.

Use the » estimator to calculate the expected benefits.

  Contribution amount

Unlike fixed insurance plans with limited benefits, with Bitcoin Life you set your premiums individually.

The size of the supply share is easy to determine. Simply use the » estimator.

An average employee household in Germany spends around 10% of net income on risk insurance (excluding private pension schemes) - excluding vehicle insurance. In addition, there is about 40% of gross income with employer's contribution for statutory social security.

The more your insurance costs are below these values, the higher your contribution should be with Bitcoin Life to cushion gaps in coverage.

For reasons of caution, you should cover existential risks - at least partially - by means of conventional instruments (e.g. capital reserves and possibly also commercial insurance).

In case of doubt, please seek professional advice, for example from your insurance broker or financial advisor.

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