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  Ethical Standards

There are always alternatives to the basic concept. We are aware of that. We have deliberately designed Bitcoin Life to meet the requirements described here as best as possible.

If you can identify with it, you are welcome to join our community. Our model is highly digitalised and virtualised. We are of course aware that the state of the art makes even more radical approaches than ours conceivable. But we do not want to overshoot the mark. Therefore we do not implement everything that is technically feasible. We want everyone to be able to benefit from the new developments - even without special technical and economic knowledge.

We want to focus on the good of the human being. At Bitcoin Life, this is not an empty phrase. What we mean by that is this:

  Time is Life

With us, all processes that can be easily handled by machine are consistently fully automated. We use modern technologies such as blockchain and automated contract execution.

This is not only safer and fairer than half-hearted procedures. It also saves money and time. That benefits everyone:

    • better performance and more profit for our members
    • easy handling from accession to receiving benefits
    • no cause for dissatisfaction
    • capacity for what makes life worth living

It is only at the interface with the "old system" that there are people doing the job.

  Security: material, emotional, technical

Useful progress is only possible when there is freedom. However, it can be observed that many people feel uncomfortable if they feel too little security.

By providing clear and comprehensible information and a clear benefit plan, we want to help ensure that no one loses sight of the bigger picture. Some things have to be clarified in advance with a lot of text so that there are no misunderstandings afterwards.

But our core concept is simple and clear. There are no foot-fishing and no quibbles. We are striving for transparency and simplicity, so that no one, out of uncertainty, forgoes progress which brings improvement and benefits.

  Responsibility for all of us and others

We want you to be protected in case of any mishaps that are beyond your control.

But no one should enrich theirselves unjustly at the expense of the community or the suffering of the weak.

Our benefit plan is set up in such a way that no one is tempted to make manipulations that harm the community or others.

There is no benefit for damage suffered by others - especially children or by uninvolved persons.

  Performance instead of Glare

Full-bodied promises, knick-knacks in advertising and highly polished presentation are not our thing. We find strong content more important than "pretty" packaging and manipulative presentation.

Benefits and payments are calculated by the computer system according to clear rules and automatically transferred to the recipients. There are no unnecessary "frictional losses" and no arbitrariness.

This way, performance is both: just and best!

  Protecting Natural Resources

We are striving for the highest possible level of digitalisation and virtualisation. This means: almost no paper at all and certainly no plastic cards. Instead, security, transparency, provability and verifiability by blockchain technology.

Where in contact with the "old system" paper is still occasionally indispensable, we pay attention to CO2-neutrality. We participate in the saving of electricity through sidechain techniques and others, as well as by purchasing computing power in polar or subpolar data centres and regenerative energy, wherever this is reasonable and possible.

Travel, personal contacts and extensive real world administration are reduced to almost zero through AI and strict online communication.

  Social Stability

Disruptive systems should be designed to bring about social and economic change in terms of progress and benefits, but not to jeopardise social achievements.

We design our benefit plans in such a way that they are always adapted to the economic strength of each individual member and are not suitable as an abusive tool.

Of course, we respect democracy and its laws. We reject any form of cooperation with or support of exploiters and oppressors.

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