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Only the Articles of Association are legally binding. The following, as well as the other content of this website, is for coarse informational purposes only.
Is Bitcoin Life legal?
Yes. We want to give practical evidence that Bitcoin based products can be really good. We are, in fact, convinced that a Bitcoin business (this is a non commercial business) has more advantages for you than traditional constructions - if you stay strictly with the bitcoin idea.
Additionally, it is important to prove, that Bitcoin is not only to be used for anti social purpises - often heard so, but wrong.
The bitcoin idea is revolutionary and strong. The bitcoin community must act now and bring the advantages of bitcoin to the average consumer. Bitcoin is not only for nerds and geeks.
The statutes are checked by Die Satzung wurde von der Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and Bitcoin Life e.V. is registered with the competent court.

Who can be a member?
If you are 18 years old and the laws of your country allow you to be a member of an association, you may enroll. We accept members from all countries in the world.

How much is the fee?
It is completely up to you when, how much and how often you contribute.
Simply send your contributions to the bitcoin address that is reserved for you. You find the address after logging in with your membership number and your passphrase.
You may contribute as often as you like. There is no maximum and no minimum. You may send a one time contribution or contribute unregularily or regularly - every year, month, week, day, hour ... It is up to you. If you don't contribute at all, please don't expect to benefit.

We won't send you invoices. You are responsible to make your contributions if you want to participate in the distribution of benefits.

How much is my benefit?
It depends on your contributions. The earlier and the more you contribute, the higher your share.
Legal regulations don't allow us to give any guarantees! Please read the explanation in the chapter about.

What is the death benefit?
If you don't name a beneficiary, after the membership period the benefit is transferred to your bitcoin account. It then belongs to the heirs of your account.
It might make sense to cover the death risk in the first years by a low cost commercial risk insurance policy.

Can I withdraw my funds before the end of the appointed membership period?
No. If your have been a member for one or more years, you can assign your benefits to a buyer in the second market.

May I invent an identity?
Of course not. When it comes to extra death benefit it makes no sense to enroll with a fake name. In all other cases it might happen that we don't notice. That still doesn't mean that it is allowed.

May I have as many contracts as I want?
Each person can only be a member once. But you may enroll as often as you like. You may have several membership numbers and select different periods of membership and different beneficiaries.

What is after the period of membership is over?
You get the benefits and stay a member. If, for instance, your period of membership is 12 years, you are benefitted every 12 years.

How can I terminate my membership?
If you terminate you don't get a refund and you are not benefitted! There is no reason to terminate, from the economical point of view.
Anyway, you can terminate in writing any time.

What about taxes?
There is a wide variety of legislation in many different jurisdictions. If you are in doubt, contact your tax consultant. Please judge for yourself whether a tax-favored, low gain offer is actually more advantageous than a taxable but strong one.

What is the best contribution strategy?
Bitcoin is a volatile investment. In most cases it is best to invest high and early: Those who hesitate, lose. The second best strategy then is to contribute on a regular basis.
Even though Bitcoin Life works on basis of solidarity, normally, these strategies are superior to others when it comes to distribution of benefits.

I want to enroll.

These are the most frequently asked questions. We cannot answer every question there might be. But you are very welcome to give us feedback. We will consider it in our future work.

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Bitcoin Life e.V.
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non commercial association, non charitable
subject to § 3 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 VAG (German Insurance Supervision Act)

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